About Us

Team Kanhai

The start

In 2013 we started our foundation called "Stichting Genderzorg". Dr Kanhai always wanted to have a gender clinic, so in 2018 he wrote up a plan for the third transgender clinic of the Netherlands. Because of passion and dedication, he and Cees-Jan Oostwouder decided to start it together.

But the plan soon expanded to be much more than that. The first part of the Medische Kliniek Velsen opened in 2019. In early 2020, the clinic expanded with the addition of several other medical departments. From 2022 on, the transgender team regained its central point of focus with international patients as its core group.

Short waiting times

Refined technique

Multiple disciplines

Overnight stay possible

The clinic and staff

We are one large team, each of which contributes its own quality and speciality. Taking your own initiative and responsibility are highly valued.

The vision

The healthcare vision of Medische Kliniek Velsen is based on the many years of experience of the care providers and revolves entirely around high quality care and service orientation to the patient. Robert Kanhai: “In our clinic, we make sure our patients get our undivided attention and we adjust our workflow accordingly. We strive to keep the waiting time as short as possible and to give people a warm welcome.”