The Velsen Medical Clinic will be located in the same building as the Excellent Care Clinics pain clinic, but the two medical centres are completely separate from each other.


Transgender people will be able to go to Velsen-Noord for their surgery in the near future. The Velsen Medical Clinic, which will specialise in male-to-female and female-to-male operations, is currently being worked on. The new centre is expected to open this autumn. The clinic in Velsen-Noord is the third location in the Netherlands where transgender operations will be performed. Until now, the VUmc in Amsterdam offers a Gender Dysphoria Knowledge and Care Center for people who feel that their birth gender does not suit them, and the UMCG in Groningen has a gender team.


The number of patients on the waiting list for gender operations is large, says Nicolette Haasnoot of the new clinic. “There is also a request from the Dutch health insurers and the Ministry of Health to draw up advice about the bottlenecks in care for transgender people,” adds Haasnoot.

Initially, only the operations will take place in Velsen-Noord. ,,But we have also sought cooperation with organizations that guide transgender people, to make the processes more complete. There is, of course, an entire process that precedes it”, says Haasnoot. Not only are transgender operations possible in the new medical center, but other procedures in the field of plastic surgery and neurosurgery will also be performed.

Anesthesiology, radiology, surgery, gynaecology and orthopaedics are also areas of focus of the Velsen Medical Clinic. “Such as operations on hernias, knees and other pain-related procedures,” Haasnoot knows. Almost all treatments involve basic insured care.

“The clinic has become larger than the original plan,” Haasnoot responds to the number of specialisms that will be accommodated in the new centre. “The intention was that we would start using two operating rooms. But when hospitals went bankrupt, doctors showed interest in our ORs. We are prepared for expansion that will allow us to offer more capacity and more doctors to work here.”

operating rooms

The first two operating rooms are almost ready. ,,If there are enough patients and those two ORs are going well, the third will be added. Because if you have OR’s, they must be running at full speed”, says Haasnoot.

The operating rooms, outpatient clinic and nursing departments of the Velsen Medical Clinic will be located in the same building as Excellent Care Clinics in Velsen-Noord. This center, which opened more than a year ago, specializes in pain and menopausal complaints and also has a branch in Hilversum.

Although one of the two initiators of the Velsen Medical Clinic is also the founder of and works at Excellent Care Clinics, the two medical centres are completely separate from each other.

Ellen de Boer

20/08/2019 at 17:34