Everything started in 2018 with a plan for a third transgender clinic in the Netherlands. But the plan soon expanded to be much more than that. The first part of the Velsen Medical Clinic will open on the 1st of November. With operating theatres, a nursing ward and an outpatient clinic for plastic surgery, gynaecology and neurosurgery. Expansion will follow at the beginning of 2020. The Velsen Medical Clinic is located in a former office building, directly on the A22. The initiative for the clinic comes from two experienced medical specialists: anesthesiologist-pain specialist Cees-Jan Oostwouder from Alkmaar and plastic and reconstructive surgeon Robert Kanhai from Amstelveen.

4 ORs, 17 nursing beds

“After approval of our plans by the municipality of Velsen, everything went very quickly”, says Cees-Jan Oostwouder. “Initially our construction plan consisted of two operating rooms and eight care beds, but after the collapse of the Slotervaart Hospital, a great need became apparent among various medical specialists. With the cooperation of ABN AMRO, our plan was expanded to a general clinic at the beginning of 2019, with 4 operating rooms and 17 care beds.”

Expansion 2020

As of the 1st of November, the Velsen Medical Clinic will start with plastic surgery, gynaecology and neurosurgery. “General surgery, oral surgery, radiology and orthopaedics will follow in early 2020,” said Robert Kanhai. “At the moment the finishing touches are being made to the completion of the operating theatres, the nursing ward and the outpatient clinic. Soon we will start building the radiology department, which will include an MRI.”

Luxurious hotel look

The decoration of the clinic is completely different from what one would expect from a hospital or clinic. Cees-Jan Oostwouder: “Our interior designer Jacquelien Stam has created a luxurious hotel appearance. Everyone who enters the Medical Clinic Velsen feels more on holiday than in a medical clinic.”

Short waiting time, warm welcome

The healthcare concept of Medical Clinic Velsen is based on the many years of experience of the care providers and revolves entirely around high quality care and service orientation to the patient. Robert Kanhai: “In our clinic, the patient is again number one and we adjust our workflow accordingly. We strive to keep the waiting time as short as possible and to give people a warm welcome.”

One big team

Owners Cees-Jan Oostwouder and Robert Kanhai are both directors of the Velsen Medical Clinic, but they simply work on the shop floor: “We think that’s important, so we can maintain an optimal feeling for the care process. Actually, we’re the old-fashioned medical director. We keep the management layer as small as possible, thereby limiting healthcare costs. We also want to get rid of the monodisciplinary thinking and hierarchical relationships that you sometimes find in some hospitals. Here in Velsen we do things differently. We are one large team, each of which contributes its own quality and speciality. Taking your own initiative and responsibility are highly valued.”

Fixed group of medical specialists

The clinic therefore does not allow all kinds of ‘loose’ medical specialists to fly in. Robert Kanhai: “We work with a fixed group of medical specialists. This is possible because we enter into a partnership with them that extends beyond just renting out operating rooms. This ensures continuity of care, better mutual cooperation and more responsibility towards the care provided.”

Multidisciplinary and innovative

In addition to multidisciplinary care, the Velsen Medical Clinic will also pay attention to innovative care. “And we will collaborate with university centres for scientific research.”

Various vacancies at Medical Clinic Velsen

Medical Clinic Velsen has various vacancies. Visit www.mkvelsen.nl for an up-to-date overview or contact Mrs. Nicolette Haasnoot directly, tel.: 085-0600855 for more information.